Camilla Stephan's father (pictured together above) works as a freelance photographer  and when Camilla was a little girl, she often went with him on asignments. And his camera constantly hit her in the head because it hung at her height. She first began to photograph herself during a stay at a design college in 2001. She continued at a media school, followed by the famous photography school Fatamorgana in Copenhagen, where a teacher encouraged her to apply for the photojournalist education at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus. She was admitted in the first attempt. In February 2004, she started a one-and-a-half year internship at Politiken as part of the program. After graduating in 2006, she was employed as a photojournalist and picture editor at the daily 24timer. In 2008, she was employed as the office manager at Fatamorgana, and at the same time she started her work as a freelance photojournalist. She has subsequently been permanently affiliated with the newspaper MetroXpress, the magazine Vice and Media Bureau MediaMovers. In 2013, Camilla opened the creative office community Kopenhagen Colletive in the center of Copenhagen, and in 2014 she started as picture editor at the news agency Polfoto, and then became picture editor at Ritzau Foto. Living in Hellerup with boyfriend Rasmus, who works as a magician and their two daughters Smilla and Maggie.

“There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

Ansel Adams


Job experience

2017 Picture editor 

/ Ritzaus Bureau

2014-2017 Picture editor 

/ Polfoto

2013 Founder 

/ Kopenhagen Collective

2011-2012 Photojournalist 

/ MetroXpress

2012-2013 Photojournalist 

/ Mediamovers

2008-2011 Office Manager 

/ Fotoskolen Fatamorgana

2008-2009 Photojournalist 

/ Vice

2008 Freelance photojournalist 

/ Camilla Stephan

2007-2008 Picture editor 

/ Dagbladet 24timer

2006-2008 Photojournalist 

/ Dagbladet 24timer


2004-2005 Photojournalist intern

/ Dagbladet Politiken, København

2002-2006 Photojournalist student

/ Danmarks Journalisthøjskole, Århus

2002 Photography student

 / Fatamorgana, København

2001 Photography student 

/ Daghøjskolen Rampen, København

2001 Visuel communication 

/ Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole, Randers

2000 Linguistic student 

/ Frederiksborg Gymnasium, Hillerød

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